Meet mazz rhodes

Little Girl Big Voice

Meet Mazz, the singer known as “Little Girl Big Voice.” Her musical journey began with childhood inspiration from Nigel Kennedy’s appearance at the Royal Variety Performance. Despite financial struggles, her tenacious mother secured a grant for violin lessons, leading Mazz to win Kent Music School’s Young Musician of the Year.

Mazz’s true metamorphosis occurred in a school talent contest, where she unleashed her voice, marking the inception of her passion for singing. From school performances to theatre shows, she landed pivotal roles that fueled her artistic flame.

In adulthood, Mazz pursued musical excellence as a BA Hons Commercial Music student. She fronted Kent bands at various events, captivating audiences with undeniable charisma.

Now, at 40, Mazz transforms her life stories into music, unveiling soulful narratives. Her journey, a testament to the transformative power of music, invites audiences worldwide into the enchanting world of “Little Girl Big Voice.”


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